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I'm looking to split some large pot plants this autumn or winter eg lilies and hydrangeas. Will any compost do (eg supermarket multi-compost) or it there better stuff out there for this task? Also, I've never split an hydragea before (it's getting pot-bound), are there any does and donts?



The lilies are bulbs so when you empty the pot you should find extra bulbs [offsets]. Depending on how long the original ones have been in the pot will determine how many there are.

Repot in any compost will be fine, but bigger ones will flower sooner. If there are lots of little ones they will in time build up to flowering size.

as for the hydrangea it is a shrub so if it is pot bound then it needs repotting into a larger pot. Usually they are not split but soft wood cuttings are done about now. Again they can be put into multi purpose compost.

I usually mix multi purpose with a gritty type soil based compost [John Innes No 3] and add a little slow release fertilizer.

8 Aug, 2020


Seaburngirl you have come to my rescue once again - thanks for the tips. Regards

10 Aug, 2020

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