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Recommendation for a reliable medium to small bush rose, pink in flower, for my border. Am not confident with roses but want to start incorporating them into my garden. I have now got a sunny space to grow a bush rose possibly around one of those bush cage supports. Will not plant until autumn so could be bare root? Does anyone grow a reliable pink flowering one in their borders? Photo’s would be a bonus! Thank you.



There are so many you could choose from Amsterdam.

My own favourite is Gertrude Jekyll which is a medium shrub (about 1.25m high) with strongly scented pink blooms.Its beautiful. There's also Eglantyne, slightly smaller(1m) and St Swithun, a paler pink which is about 1.25 m.
However, you would be better off going to a nursery which specialises in roses where you'd get more knowledgeable advice. If there isn't one near you, then your local garden centre should be able to advise you.

12 Aug, 2020


Look at Beals Roses in Attleborough Norfolk, I found there catalogue very informative and when I rang to speak to them they were very helpful. The pictures in their catalogue were spot on for the roses I bought. They were wonderfully packed and in excellent condition when they arrived.

12 Aug, 2020


Thank you both. Will do some homework as like you said there is a lot to choose from.

12 Aug, 2020


I have Scarborough Fair, pale shell pink, open flowers. It flowers reliably throughout the summer. About 3-4ft. high. (DA).

Have you looked at Bonica? (everyone's favourite on here. I'm not so keen on its colour, a bright sugar pink but others love it). Flowers non-stop.

Another beauty is Surrey, pretty pale pink.

I also recommend P.Beales. The catalogue is very informative. Worth looking at.

13 Aug, 2020


I have requested their catalogue.

13 Aug, 2020


My daughter had a rose given to her called Little Jacky all summer it been sending out lovely dark pink to red blooms

13 Aug, 2020


'Our Lady of Guadalupe' is my favorite, closely followed by 'Sexy Rexy'.

13 Aug, 2020


Lots of suggestions which I will have a look at, thanks.

13 Aug, 2020


I’ve had a look at all your suggestions and I think I will go for Scarborough Fair, it’s bee friendly and as I have a neighbour behind me with beehives, think we might be able to come to some reciprocal arrangement! Ha, ha!!

14 Aug, 2020

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