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Could someone explain the grafting situation on a standard rose I've been taking cuttings at the top of the plant but then traced it back and what i cut is actually an offshoot stem from the main stem. So does the ballerina standard have one or two grafts? And where should i take cuttings from? To be certain i get a ballerina thank you. If you look at pic you can see 5 strong vigous stems these are from the mid section of the rose i believe and i have rooted cuttings of these now but fear that they are below the graft meaning they will not produce ballerina flowers but something else.




Rose standards are usually made by starting with a long cutting of a climbing rose for the trunk, with three or four buds of the blooming rose grafted onto the top few inches. Any shoots that come from below the branches that grew from the buds are of the rose that made the trunk, and should be removed as quickly as possible.
Occasionally, the standard is created by whip or step grafting the trunk onto a normal bush rootstock, such as Rosa multiflora, and then budded as usual on top. Withthat kind of standard, you have a chance of two kinds of suckers, from the roots, and from the trunk.

13 Aug, 2020


I am in agreement with tug. if they are below the cluster of desired rose stems they will not usually be the same rose. they may still be nice but not what you were after.

13 Aug, 2020


Ok thanks

13 Aug, 2020


Agree the suckers should be removed immediately. Keep a close eye on your standards and nip all suckers in the bud stage. They are sapping energy from the grafted part which will begin to wither as the suckers get bigger. If you can get 'Rose Tone' by Espoma or something similar that would be excellent for your standard.

16 Aug, 2020

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