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A hard one to id.
No-one seems to know what this tiny Allium is called. Leaves are like hair. Pollen is dark brown. Came in a pot of Allium neriniflorum.
No more than 6 inches tall and the flowers are very pale pink with a darker meridian stripe, Half an inch across.




what about A callimischon? though this may be a bit too tall.

17 Aug, 2020


Does not look right for that and it is not flowering from what looks like a dead set of stems either. Pollen is different colour too.
Told you it was difficult.

17 Aug, 2020


I will see if I can dig a little deeper. I hate not knowing haha.

17 Aug, 2020


I have Emailed the Nursery where the Allium it is growing up through came from originally to see if they know. From their catalogue I cannot actually find any Alliums on sale though.

17 Aug, 2020


Found out through an American poster on another site. This is Allium daghestanicum. I ought to have known as I remember growing it from seed a few years back.
Relief! I hate not knowing things.

18 Aug, 2020


that is brilliant, I have been trawling through lots of allium pictures but had not found it yet. I sent the image to a friend and I am still waiting to hear back from him.

18 Aug, 2020


No images of it in the Allium book, but there are ones on the interweb thingy.
Think I got either a plant or seed from Buried Treasure people, forgotten her name.

19 Aug, 2020

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