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I have a bay tree in a large pot, 15 years old. The leaves are all on the outside, the inside branches are bare. If I prune off the outer leaves, will I get fresh growth on the old interior branches?



welcome to GoY.
in theory yes you should. I would reduce one stem and see if it leafs up and if it does do 1/3 one year another 1/3 the year after etc.

remember if it is culinary bay then you can dry the leaves for the herb rack.

17 Aug, 2020


Welcome to GOY. We have a Bay Tree which is probably 15 ft tall and now spreading about the same outwards!
One bad winter several years ago the soil was water-logged and the leaves frozen so it couldn't transpire and it drowned. Never realised that they would, but was reliably informed that they could. After two years it suddenly sent out multiple shoots from the base, hence the width now. I attack it savagely and it always springs back from the old wood, but not sure whether leaves would grow on the inside where they wouldn't get much light, air, water to grow. Seaburn's idea is probably best, but patience is not my thing!

21 Aug, 2020

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