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Removed a 6ft cordyline on the 6 August. So far it is not showing any signs of stress and there not much change in the appearance. How long till its out of the woods? If it was going to die would it show by now? What are the signs to look out for?




I would say you will find out in the spring when new growth should resume. it really is too soon. though by winter if it is dead you will see the leaves turning brown.

17 Aug, 2020 it could take that long to die?
I read on one of the forums that if it survives 4 weeks after transplant then chances are it will be fine.

I was hoping to put it back in the ground at my new house by spring.

Surely when you buy them this big in a pot, the garden centres must have removed them from the ground?

17 Aug, 2020


Not necessarily - growers might just keep potting up as they get taller. Just give it some time - you'll certainly know if it's dead or not by next spring when you want to plant it; all the growth will go brown and there won't be any new growth coming from the centre at the top. It's looking quite reasonable at the moment, so no need to light the funeral pyre just'll either make it or it won't.

17 Aug, 2020


haha. thanks.
I was told to cut the top off if it looses all the leaves or if they all go brown and die then just leave it in the pot and hope it shoots more leaves. Once all the rain stops, I think Ill start the liquid seaweed

17 Aug, 2020


I wouldn't add fertilizers now as the roots will not be fully functioning yet. it is also getting late in the year and there wouldn't be much growth now so the fertilizer is going to be wasted..

17 Aug, 2020


Agree, don't fertilize at this time of year, just leave it alone other than making sure its watered as necessary.

17 Aug, 2020


New growth from the root stock is also a possibility in spring. our neighbour lost the top of his plants in the severe winters of 2010/11 and 2011/12. one never came back but the other re-grew from below the soil and is now about 5ft multi stemmed specimen.

18 Aug, 2020

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