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I'm looking for the clematis named Maureen to plant in memorial to my mum who's funeral was yesterday, but I can't find one anywhere in the uk. Anyone have any ideas ?



The Shoot garden website are advertising it.

21 Aug, 2020


Shoot's got a page for it,but they don't sell it. I can't find any seller anywhere either... mentioned by Squires, but they don't seem to be offering it for sale. Might be worth ringing up Squires to find out...

21 Aug, 2020


welcome to GoY and condolences on the loss of your mum.

I have looked at the RHS and they last had it listed in the plant finder facility back in 2012. So I suspect it has been supplanted by other 'better' varieties. Try emailing Taylors clematis and ask if they have any in their collection that they could propagate for you. They don't have it listed for sale but you may be able to get one.

Hopefully a member may be growing it and may be able to get a cutting of it for you. Fingers crossed.

21 Aug, 2020


Hi Helen, I also searched for this clematis in June as a birthday present for son-in-law (to be) in memory of his mum. I was also unsuccessful, but I bought a potted floribunda rose called 'Ask Maureen' from 'World of Roses'. I saw it a couple of days ago in their garden and it has eight pink buds ready to open. A strong little rose. It may be an alternative for you as plants called Maureen seem to be rare. Hope this suggestion helps.
I also like to buy plants for myself and family which have a special meaning in the name as the plants become so much more precious. Good Luck!

21 Aug, 2020


I believe that a few years ago Thorncroft Nurseries, Norfolk, were growing this clematis but no longer have it for sale. Perhaps it might be worth contacting them in case they still have a few.

22 Aug, 2020

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