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Im trying to find 2 trees, plants, palms, shrubs each that are suitable for putting in a school area the trees have to be large and shady i need 2 of each can you help me?



Where would the school be, Rpkperth? Someplace with mild winters, since you are looking for palms, but that still covers a lot of climatic territory.

23 Aug, 2020


You can reply by commenting underneath Tug's answer.

23 Aug, 2020


And it doesn't have to be exact, a city and a province or state would do.

23 Aug, 2020



25 Aug, 2020


Its in Australia

25 Aug, 2020


Weeelll...I figured that was likely, Perth to be specific, but I didn't want to assume. If that's true, Rpkperth, these people might be good ones to talk to:
If it was interior northern West Australia, or the deep outback, I might have been able to help you more myself, since a lot of plants from there do splendidly in the American southwest, where I live.

26 Aug, 2020

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