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Help! Someone gave me this Pumpkin Plant, does anyone know what type it is & if I should pick it, plus what to do with it, can it be cooked?
I have 5 of them at different stages x

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You have a white ghost pumpkin. The inside is orange like a typical pumpkin or squash. If it's Lumina, the flesh is very sweet and smooth - good for making pies and such. They are also referred to as albino pumpkin, ghost pumpkin, Snowball, Casper, Lumina, Baby Boo, and Cotton Candy Pumpkin - suggestive of the sweet taste. They also make great Jack-O-Lanterns or holiday decorations.

They are sprawling vines and should be given a big open space - like the pumpkin patch on Charlie Brown, lol! They need full sun and loads of water. I'm growing Butternut Squash which is related. They love loads of water, sun & fish fertilizer.

Pumpkins are ready to harvest when they have reached the desired color and the rind is hard. You can test its readiness by jabbing your fingernail against the outer skin, or rind. It should be strong enough to resist puncture. Also, you can tell a pumpkin is ripe if you hear a hollow sound when you thump on it.

25 Aug, 2020


Bathgate, such good info. I don't grow them but my friend does and I love the baked flesh as a vegetable or stuffed with something I love, like garlic mushrooms. I expect it can also be cut into chunks and boiled or fried. You lucky thing, Ladyessex.

26 Aug, 2020


Thank for the info Bathgate, I’ll go and dig my Talons into one that I think that is ready LOL 😆

27 Aug, 2020


Your Talons! Yikes! lol

27 Aug, 2020



28 Aug, 2020

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