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Since the birds finished nesting a month or more ago they all, except for the wood pigeons, seem to have disappeared. I have only seen the odd couple of sparrows. Where have they all gone?



out into the fields where there is lots of seed/grain going spare after harvesting. They will come back soon.

25 Aug, 2020


My sparrows have been back for a few days now. There were 7 squabbling around the feeders this morning. They are not good at queuing!

26 Aug, 2020


Thank you both. Penny, as we Brits always queue perhaps they aren’t English sparrows :))

26 Aug, 2020


I have had to abandon my feeders as they are attracting hordes of wood pigeons and magpies. The only consolation is a couple of blackbirds who are very partial to sultanas.

26 Aug, 2020


Odd that you should say that, Jimmy, because my feeders aren't in use at all except in the spring when the starlings land in droves which is when I have to take them down. And, like you, I was feeding blackbirds dried fruit. Many years ago I began feeding a blackbird with a gammy leg, almost had him eating from my hand. Then one day he disappeared and I never saw him again. I feared the worst, that, because of his disability, a local cat or fox had taken him.

26 Aug, 2020


I still have a lone Robin ,and a Bluetit coming to a feeder,but mainly,it's the Collared Doves,and Wood Pigeons,although since yesterday we had a huge mob of Sparrows arrive too .A blackbird still comes to his 'secret' place on the ground for his daily Mealworms though,and he waits on the fence,till I open the blinds each morning :o)

27 Aug, 2020


The birds except pigeons and magpies, seemed to have deserted us for a while but they're back now in great numbers....Cheeky beggars expect me to keep the feeders topped up all the time, I don't like to do that all year round in case they become to dependent on me..

27 Aug, 2020


Although the RSPB recommend feeding birds all year I, too, am reluctant to do that for the same reason as you, Linclass. But, unlike the rest of you, the birds haven’t returned here.

28 Aug, 2020


Same as above but the young Gold Finches and Green Finches have now found the feeders and a few adult Gold Finches are returning.

30 Aug, 2020

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