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Could someone recommend a variety of grapevines which can be grown in the south/West of the UK please ?



We grow 'Brandt' grapes but mainly for the stunning Autumn foliage. The grapes are not very sweet and are full of pips so we leave them for the birds to eat in the Autumn!!

I found this information on-line:

If your desire is simply for divinely sweet and juicy grapes that you can eat fresh as soon as they are ripe then here is a list of the best ones to grow:

Theresa [white green outdoor]

Buckland Sweetwater [green indoor]

Black Hamburgh [black indoor]

Boskoop Glory [blue outoodr]

Fragola Strawberry Grape [red indoor and out]

Alicante [blue black indoor]

Royal Muscadine [white green indoor]

Bacchs [green outdoor]

Hope that helps ... :o)

26 Aug, 2020


Oh,Shirley, that's a very comprehensive answer...thank you so muchx

26 Aug, 2020


You are most welcome ... :o)

Our Brandt ones are turning from green to almost deep purple now so it won't be long before the birds, especially Starlings, come for them .....

26 Aug, 2020


I planted the strawberry grape outside this year and am full of hope....

26 Aug, 2020


I'm in Hampshire and have Lakemont & Green Muscat
Both outside

The Lakemont is a grafted one, from Blackmoor which is nearby. I asked them to recommend a seedless one, this was the answer.
It's not yet fruited [planted mid 2018].
In the ground

The Green Muscat is on it's own roots, small, sweet & a pip inside. Also mid 2018 and has fruited since then. Just one bunch this year
This was an impulse buy from Wilkinson's, as we do :-)
This is in a large pot

27 Aug, 2020


Thank you to you both,Stera and to decide which to buy!

27 Aug, 2020

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