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By Pammie

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone tell me please what this fruit is .? My elderly neig hbour has these growing in her garden & her Son says we can have what we want of them . The taste seems to be in between a apple & pear . Not much taste . Shall I pick & freeze OR possibly make into some sort of Wine ?

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well it looks like an apple but as to which one I don't know.

27 Aug, 2020


It looks a bit like an Egremont Russet.

27 Aug, 2020


I was thinking that it looked like an Asian Pear. Is the fruit fruit very hard and crisp, Pammie? If so they make great preserves and pie filling, but not exciting for eating fresh.

27 Aug, 2020


It looks like a Russet to me.

28 Aug, 2020


Well, I was just thinking that it had pear leaves, rather than apple leaves.

29 Aug, 2020


Thanks to all answers .Im going to freeze some ,& also add Cooking apples & make & freeze Crumbles . Might as well experiment and see how they taste .Seems just will need that extra ‘ bite ‘ to flavour .I’ll let you know how I get on

29 Aug, 2020


I wondered about Russet too but wouldn't have thought they were ripe yet? Russets have a lovely tangy taste when ripe, but a very short season and they don't keep well. Best wait another three weeks before doing anything at all.

Don't know about Asian pears though, except that they should be kept on the tree until at least the end of September. so in either case patience is a virtue....

29 Aug, 2020


Hi Pammie, this looks interesting .... have you been playing with genetics? 😂 Like ‘Tugbrethil’ says ... I thought it looked like a pear leaf, even the skins look like a conference pear. Good luck with the crumbles and pies ... sounds like a good plan.

30 Aug, 2020

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