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Houseplant question. I want to repot my ferns but they are growing brown "tendrils" which look like hairly spiders legs. Do I keep these tendrils outside the new pot or incorporate them into the soil? Thank you.



If they are Boston ferns or their kin, there is no harm in removing the thin rhizomes. If it is a rabbit's foot fern or a macho fern, or another one with thick rhizomes with fronds like them, removing the rhizomes may weaken the plant. Therefore, if you need to remove some, don't take more than 1/4 of the longest ones every 6 months.

30 Aug, 2020


Thank you Tugbrethil, I didn't think about removing them! Now I can re-pot them confidently.

30 Aug, 2020


Lawsy! I have to stop going online while I am asleep! If it's the slim rhizomes, you can keep them in, or let them hang out, or cut them off as you please. The thick rhizomes should be laid on the new soil surface, and over the edge of the new pot. Should be pretty easy--knowing how should sometimes goes! :)

1 Sep, 2020

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