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Hi everyone, I have just transferred a plant from a very old and broken hanging basket into a corner of our rockery. It loves the shaded location and soil as it is thriving there. Would someone be able to offer suggestions as to what the plant is please. It has in our opinion very stunning foliage with no flowers. Thank you.




It looks like Artemisia a wormwood. Is the foliage fragrant? Cant put a name to the variety though.

30 Aug, 2020


Thank you Seaburngirl. I’ve just tested leaves and surprisingly absolutely no fragrance at all.

30 Aug, 2020


Hi Seaburngirl, I have just done some more research .... EVIDENTLY Madagascar have just started clinical trials using this herb? as a possible vaccine for Covid-19.

30 Aug, 2020


It's the variegated form of Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris). Not a vaccine: vaccines don't work that way. Quite possibly a way of treating the breathing symptoms. More improbably, but still possible, it may have trace chemicals with antiviral activity. Pretty poisonous in its raw state, and I wouldn't take any decoction without medical supervision.

1 Sep, 2020


Tugbrethil, thank you for your helpful comments. I will do some more searching in my books now. Just wondered if you knew if ....... Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris) Is likely to spread like an unwelcome weed?

1 Sep, 2020


Certainly the wild form is an easy spreader by seed. The flowers are usually pale yellowy/green so inconspicuous and therefore over looked.

1 Sep, 2020


Thanks again Seaburngirl, for your comments and interest.

1 Sep, 2020

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