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Question for Tugbrethil or anyone who grows Albizia julibrissinI am growing this beautiful tree and it is "little" rambunctious

British Columbia, Canada Ca

Question for Tugbrethil or anyone who grows Albizia julibrissin

I am growing this beautiful tree and it is "little" rambunctious. I have to admit that it has a prime location on the property. My question is how hard can I crop it without killing it ? The info on internet seems to be paste and copy from one nursery to other . It does not act like a tree for small gardens as written . I have it only for few years but it is already (probably) 30x30'
I'd like to know from people with real experience.
I did trim it somewhat in late fall but it only encouraged it to grow more robust and dense. New branches this year are at least 6' long. I can hardly see the lovely flowers on top. It is a beautiful tree in a wrong location...middle of my main flower bed.
Thanks in advance.

Albizia_new_branch Albizia1



The RHS says it is pruning group 1

this is their link hope it helps

31 Aug, 2020


Wow! They don't get that big here in Phoenix, but I guess that I shouldn't be surprised at how big it gets in British Columbia. I'm unfamiliar with the RHS pruning groups, but it does bloom on new growth, so I would prune it in early spring. It is subject to flat-headed borers, so if those are found in your neighborhood, it would be best to seal large cuts immediately after pruning. Kelp meal will help it to bloom more, and maybe some bone meal if the soil is slightly acid.

1 Sep, 2020


Good to see you Klahanie! Hope all is well. X

1 Sep, 2020


Yes I remember your lovely tree ... good luck with the pruning next Spring :)

2 Sep, 2020


Klahanie I have a very small tree ,I bought it after coming home from France and admiring the many trees there ,I loved it both the foliage and flowers , Mine is only approx 1 ft tall I wasn't sure if it would survive when we moved but it is hanging in there It will be a long time before I have to think about pruning ...

9 Sep, 2020


It's easy to tell the difference: Jacaranda's feathery leaves appear in pairs along the stem, while Albizzia's come one by one. On a smaller scale, the individual tiny leaflets are different: Jacaranda's leaflets are symetrical, while Albizzia's are wider on one side of the vein than the other.

9 Sep, 2020


I've just looked for and found my label it says :- Albizia julibrissin f. rosea in which case it should be pink , I had it from a baby plant in a pot Klahanie but then when we moved house two years ago I planted it in the garden , it seems to be very slow growing ...

9 Sep, 2020


Theyโ€™re both lovely trees, but perhaps used to warmer climates? I do have a Jacaranda, about 15 inches high ... it would be amazing to see it flower one day ๐Ÿ™‚.

9 Sep, 2020


Thanks Klahanie - that would be a treat ๐Ÿ™‚.

10 Sep, 2020


A. j. rosea is slower growing than the type species, but not that much slower. I'd suspect a nitrogen deficiency, if the tree wasn't a nitrogen fixer, Amy. It's still possible if there isn't enough of the right kind of bacteria in the soil. A little pea and bean inoculant might help, if it's fresh.

10 Sep, 2020


Thanks for that info Tugs I'll see about giving it some food supplements , it did look a little on the yellow side earlier in the season ..

11 Sep, 2020

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