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What is the cure for Fuchsia rust



Wish I knew, following because two of mine have it

9 Sep, 2020


this he link to the advice from the RHS

non chemical control is to pick off the affected leaves and destroy. then feed the plant to improve its vigour.
the chemical control is to use a suitable fungicide. Advice as to what is available is in the link.

either way remove diseased leaves asap and don't leave them lying around on the soil under the plant or it will re-infect them.

hope it helps.

9 Sep, 2020


A 2 cm layer of good compost (not potting compost) laid on the soil and watered in will encourage symbiotic bacteria and fungi, which help boost the plant's immune system. A good 48 hour compost tea works even better, but is a bit of a project for the average gardener to make.

9 Sep, 2020


Would liquid from wormerie help, I have rust in an area of garden and it gets into another plants, it's affected my fuchsia badly this year.

9 Sep, 2020


Potentially even better than compost tea, Debs. It works best as a preventative, though.
I don't know if fuchsia rust is different, but most rusts are pretty specific as to their preferred hosts, unlike powdery mildew, which attacks a wide variety of plants.

9 Sep, 2020


Great question Merc and thanks all, for the non-chemical remedies. Now I don't feel the need to ditch an afflicted fuchsia. Fungicide is not an option for me.

9 Sep, 2020

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