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By Mancho

Shropshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, thanks so much for the add. I really need some help with my strawberries. I have lost 4 now, out of 10. Any ideas why they are wilting and dying off. How often do I water them, they are young plants I bought on line

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Welcome to Goy, Mancho!
Strawberries are very sensitive to how deep they are planted. If the crwon is covered they rot easily, and if the roots are exposed, they dry out too easily. As for watering, that depends on the temperature and relative humidity in Shropshire. Someone who lives in the UK would be far better to ask than I. One thing that they will want to know, probably, is whether they are in the ground, or in containers.
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9 Sep, 2020


welcome to GoY

if you pull them gently do they pull out easily and are there white grubs [up to 1cm long] in the among the roots. If yes then you have vine weevil eating them. if this is the case lift all of them wash the roots and if roots are missing look up into where the roots come from the stem. vine weevils like hiding inside and eat there way out.

any unharmed plants can be replanted into fresh compost/soil. water as and when the compost soil is just dry to the touch for about 1cm depth.

hope this helps.

10 Sep, 2020


Thank you, and thanks for answering my question. I am in UK, do we have a problem with vine weevil? I did repot 2 of my plants yesterday, the soil in the pot seemed damp when I carefully took out the plants, the roots seemed a little dry. I will try and post a picture later. Thanks again for your help

10 Sep, 2020


Do we have a problem with vine weevil?
You have got to be joking.
There are probably as many vine weevils in most gardens as there are slugs and snails. They are at epidemic proportions. They adore peat based composts,so any time you bring in plants from a Garden Centre or Nursery you run the risk of brining in the grubs in the compost, if they use commercial peat based compost.
Otherwise SBG is correct in her suggestions.

10 Sep, 2020

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