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Why hadn't my sage plants bloomed? They are nice healthy plants and very fragrant. Shouldn't they have bloomed by now?

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is it culinary sage? mine tend to flower every other year and I assumed it was because I kept taking their tips out for cooking. They look very healthy, perhaps 'overfed' so they have no need to flower as they are not under reproductive pressure.
in the wild they tend to live on poor free draining soil in typically Mediterranean heat and dryness.

11 Sep, 2020


Yes it's culinary sage. I didn't feed them but the ground is very rich. What dishes do you use it for? Did you ever make sage butter?

11 Sep, 2020


often in pork dishes and gravies. though omelettes and soups often have it added. I used to make sage butter but Victoria uses it a lot in Italian dishes.

11 Sep, 2020


Ooh pork chops sprinkled with sage, cooked with garlic and orange juice, a family favourite for years.

13 Sep, 2020


Sounds yummy, I better get me some!. just having a few sage clippings in a vase really freshens a room

14 Sep, 2020

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