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Hi, Came across this weird growth attached to the base/roots of a garden shrub. Thought it was fox muck but it appears to be growing on the shrub and is definitely attached to it. What are my next steps?

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well it is a fungus but need to do some checking. what shrub is it on?

reminds me of King Alfred's cakes. if it is they have concentric circlesrunning through them. usually found on trunks of ash though.

12 Sep, 2020


if it is this fungus it feeds on the already dead/dying material and doesn't kill its host. it is a true saprophyte. and is found on many broadleaved tree/shrub.

12 Sep, 2020


Once again you have come up with great advice. Thank you very much, you have a lot of great gardening knowledge.

13 Sep, 2020

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