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if i remove roses can i plant different plants in the same soil?



Yes, no problem. It would be a good idea to feed the soil with compost and plant food before planting, as roses are hungry plants and will have used nutrients in the soil.

However, use a general purpose balanced food like blood, fish and bone, so as not to promote lush new shoots that might get frosted.

12 Sep, 2010


it is said that you shouldnt plant anything of the rose family in the same soil, this means not just roses but any of the Genus-- this is suprisingly large--- includes malus ( apples) photinia, potentilla etc.
but it can depend on the state of the soil and why you are taking out the roses and I am sure that if you follow Spritz' advice the plants will thrive

12 Sep, 2010


Genus and family! :-)

A few teaspoons of Rootgrow or Start (same thing) alleviates this potential problem though. £3.99 a sachet and if kept in the fridge, it will do for 6-8 plants at least?

12 Sep, 2010

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