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Has anyone grown Iochroma in u.k.?




No I haven't as it is tender here and I don't have the space to put it in the greenhouse.

it is beautiful though.

13 Sep, 2020


Hi Alistair. I have grown this in East Anglia for the last 4-5 years. It is outside in the shrubbery, really should have had a special feature place all of it's own as it is a beautiful plant when in flower.
I bought two small plants originally (not cheap) and nurtured them for the first year, left them in a pot for the second, then they were planted out. One died, the other is now about 5 ft tall and seems happy.
Our ground is solid clay but is slowly being improved with layers of wood-chip from the tree people I have befriended! He gets somewhere to dump his chippings without paying the Council and I get chippings to lay along under my hedges to suppress weeds and heap to make compost - win, win!
So the ground is quite deep in slowly rotting chippings - then heavy clay, which at least never dries out!
We haven't had many really heavy frosts since this was planted, even the 'beast from the East' didn't seem too bad here. I think once it gets over the first few years and gets some decent roots down, even if it died off it would probably regrow from the root - that's what I am hoping anyway! The flowers are not huge, probably about a couple of inches long.
I hope that helps. I will put you a couple of pictures on a blog.

16 Sep, 2020


Ok thanks for that i have moved from heavy clay to green sand/ clay with a marked improvement i could never grow cleomes before and would struggle with so many other plants here i took off the lawn and dumped 9 builders bags of wood chips on top with brilliant results everything grew huge within 6 months and feel i can grow anything but both places suffer with lack of shelter so will try with this plant.

16 Sep, 2020


Everything is worth a go if you really want it. I put some pictures on a blog just to prove it's growing fine.

16 Sep, 2020


Ok thanks

16 Sep, 2020

How do I say thanks?

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