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Hi everybody,

Please can anyone help to identify the problem with my roses? It is spreading quickly to other roses and probably also my apply trees. I first thought it was fungus and have applied 2 bottles of Resolva with no effect.

Please help!



On plant The Albrighton Rambler Rose, David Austin

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Its black spot - at this end of the season, treatments are unlikely to be very effective because its got a good hold. I'd recommend Roseclear Ultra, buy the concentrate and a sprayer, because the way to prevent this in future is to spray every fortnight from April through to September. Be sure to collect up any fallen leaves (the spores overwinter on the ground) as they fall and give the rose bushes a good prune in March next year to try to clear out congested growth and improve air flow.

14 Sep, 2020


Hello there and thank you so much for your reply.

Do you think that will be the same problem with the Apple trees? The leaves went white and most of them have dropped although a few fruits are still hanging and looking healthy.

14 Sep, 2020


If the white was like a powdery coating on the leaves, might have been powdery mildew, hard to say without seeing the leaves. Is the tree in the ground and how long have you had it?

14 Sep, 2020


Please make sure that whatever you use doesn't contain Cypermethrin and Myclobutanil as it poisons bees and affects their ability to stay warm in winter. (Roseclear Ultra contains both of these chemicals).

15 Sep, 2020


That's why I spray at dusk when the bees aren't working, and avoid spraying flower buds and open flowers....

15 Sep, 2020


It does look like black sooty mold & powdery mildew. Roses are extremely susceptible. The problem is environmental. It's brought on by excessive moisture, lack of sun and poor air circulation. Those are the 3 elements you need to change. That's why the sprays don't work.

Now is the perfect time to transplant the roses to a more accommodating location, perhaps on an incline with more sun and less weeds or alter the current location to suit.

16 Sep, 2020

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