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Does anyone know how to contact the organisers of this site please?A few of us have a similar problem with photos not showing.



scroll down to the bottom green banner. Left hand side there is a tab contact us. Click that and they will get back to you.

14 Sep, 2020


No they won't. They're rubbish and are apparently away doing 'other projects' (i.e. can't be bothered)

You can try contacting Dave (the father of one of them) on :-
contact@growsonyou. com
but I doubt you'll get any joy. All he told me was we should be grateful we can see GoY at all because we don't have to pay for it.

I'm afraid we are doomed.

14 Sep, 2020


You could try it though, maybe more people need to pester :D

14 Sep, 2020


Good, I'm pleased for you :)

14 Sep, 2020


Send an email to Dave in admin

14 Sep, 2020


I don't think I can change my browser on this Chromebook. Does anyone know?

16 Sep, 2020


Thankyou Meadowland. My Chromebook relies on Google Chrome which now seems limiting. I'm going to try something else but I just hope I don't mess things up in the process!

18 Sep, 2020


I'm on Google Chrome. Never had any issues. I think it has to do with the site. Dave has fixed many problems on his end. He should be able to do something to help you.

19 Sep, 2020

How do I say thanks?

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