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Please could someone tell me what this pretty blue flower is, which has arrived in my garden?

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So sorry it's blurred - and it's 3ft 6ins.

19 Sep, 2020


I think it's salvia uliginosa

19 Sep, 2020


Well, that’s brilliant of you Andrew, thanks! New to me but I will try to propagate it.

19 Sep, 2020


yes I think Andrew has it spot on. common name is bog sage and is native to Sth America. should come true from seed.

20 Sep, 2020


Thanks Eileen - I’ll definitely try to collect the seed 🙂.

20 Sep, 2020


It will clump up so you should be able to divide it (in spring) in three to four years' time

20 Sep, 2020


Thanks Andrew, that sounds good. And I’ve just taken a couple of cuttings 🙂. Appreciate your help both of you.

20 Sep, 2020

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