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By Hywel

Carmarthenshire, Wales Wal

I've noticed small seedlings growing in this pot with a Cyclamen coum and I don't know what I should do with them - should I separate them out into individual small pots, leave them alone, or repot the while thing as it is ? Advice will be greatly appreciated.

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I had this a few years back. I knocked the whole pot out and potted them up into small pots. some of the baby corms were quite deeply buried and I buried them to the same depth. The large corm went back into its original pot.

20 Sep, 2020


Thank you, I'll do that ... but I think I'll plant the old corm in a tub with a recently repotted shrub, for it to have some colour in the winter.

20 Sep, 2020


mine is in a good terracotta pot on the pond wall. so yours will look lovely with a shrub over it.

20 Sep, 2020


It's a small Oak sapling actually (now about 2 feet tall) and I found it lying on the road a few years ago, so I brought it home and potted it up. I've just put it in a larger tub now and I think the cyclamen will look nice with it in the winter when it hasn't got any leaves.

20 Sep, 2020


Yes, I've done the same. I take the babies and put them into individual small pots and forget about them till next Autumn. Amazing how quickly they grow! That's how I have a biggish colony under my birch tree - all freebies apart from the first 2 or 3.

20 Sep, 2020


Thanks Anget, I'll be repotting them soon.
Nice to know they have naturalised under your birch tree :)

20 Sep, 2020

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