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I have repotted two hostas into larger pots as they were getting pot bound. Would it be feasible to plant a few winter pansies above them when the foliage dies back completely? Thinking it would give some colour over winter, or would this affect the hostas growth next year? Google does not seem to be of any help with this question. Thank you for any advice.



I don't think you would have any problem,planting Pansies,Primula's,Polyanthus or any other winter flowering plants, Numbersfarm,it shouldn't affect your Hosta's at all.They will be staying dormant for quite a while,and even when they do start growing again,you will see if you need to remove the winter ones,or be able to leave them in situ,till they are past their best..good luck..

20 Sep, 2020


I am not an expert but I do grow hostas. I have some muscari surrounding one of the hostas and they flower just after the daffodils and before the hostas start regaining their leaves. Based on my experience, I cannot see that you would have any problem with planting pansies or any other winter flowering plants.

20 Sep, 2020


I have hostas in pots and have in the past used viola or bellis daisies to give colour through the winter. I just made sure the hostas got a top dressing of compost when they were in leaf.

20 Sep, 2020


Thank you all for your replies. I shall top dress with compost as you suggest as well Seaburngirl, and this year have the pots by the front door, for a nice bit of colour hopefully.

21 Sep, 2020

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