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Our rose arch, as in attached photo, is in serious need of replacement. Fortunately we have found and bought one frm our local garden centre and we have a man lined up to install it in November. As you can see, the rose we have is blooming well just now, as it has done every year since we inherited it from the previous owners in 2000. There is another one hiding behind the mass of Passion Flower on the right, gracing our neighbours with most of its blooms. The Passion Flower will probably have to go, as its roots are almost touching one of the posts, but I have taken some cuttings. There is also a somewhat overwhelmed Clematis. I would appreciate whatever advice anyone could offer me as to how much the roses will tolerate cutting back to free them from the current arch.




When I replaced a rose arch last autumn, I pruned the roses on it to within a couple of feet of the ground - they are now seven feet tall again.

22 Sep, 2020


When we replaced a trellis at my daughter's we used some of the rose trimmings as hard wood cuttings to overwinter

A lot of them "took" and now grace various gardens

Sort of belt & braces & if it works gifts for friends

23 Sep, 2020


yes I agree, the roses will take the pruning and when you get new growth you will be able to tie it in where you want it. always difficult to 'peel off' a rose and then put it back on a new structure.

23 Sep, 2020


Many thanks, Andrewr, Grandad_gardener and Seaburngirl. That's very encouraging. After I asked this question, I remembered that 5 or 6 years ago we had a rather straggly rose in another part of the garden. We didn't want it any more, so I cut it right down to the ground, thinking that would kill it, but it regrew quite vigorously and is now just as straggly as it was before! It does give us some pretty pink blooms to enjoy, so maybe I'll just let it get on with doing what it does. All of that gives me plenty of confidence with the arch replacement, so thanks again.

24 Sep, 2020

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