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I'm thinking of getting a winter-flowering Jasmine. Please could someone advise me about soil, position, feeding etc. Can it be planted in a tub or is it better in the ground? Is there anything else I should consider? Thanks.



Winter flowering Jasmine usually refers to the yellow, unscented form of Jasmine (J. nudiflorum) that flowers in late winter/early spring on bare stems. Its not a twiner or climber as such, it has lax stems which need to be tied onto a support, or left to form a rather untidy mound. It's better in the ground, obviously against a wall or fence with some sort of support attached to it. It's tolerant of any soil and even a lot of shade, but it flowers much better if it gets plenty of sun. Any pruning should take place shortly after flowering is finished, when you can cut out flowered stems and tidy it up a bit .

22 Sep, 2020


It also layers itself quite readily, so if you know someone who has already grows it, you might be able to get a free plant from them

22 Sep, 2020


I have one in the ground on an east facing wall and also one in a tub facing south. The one in the ground grows much bigger - taller and very vigorous (up to 7 feet and would get higher if allowed) and is plastered with beautiful yellow flowers every autumn.
It is on a trellis attached to the wall and I cut it back with a shears every spring.
It is easy to grow from cuttings, and that's what my one in the tub is. I am hoping for a few flowers on it one day lol

23 Sep, 2020


Many thanks to Bamboo, Andrewr and Hywel. The spot I have in mind is slightly shaded, but should get plenty of sun in the summer months afternoons. The soil is probably fairly poor but I can feed it of course. I've recently treated part of it with SBK weed-killer where unwanted ivy was growing up a neighbour's wall and under the eaves of a garage, so obviously I'll have to wait a while (the packet says 6 weeks) before planting. There is a handy trellis nearby and I plan to attach the Jasmine to it.
I learned many years ago how well it grows from cuttings when our neighbour used some for pea-sticks ...
Thanks again.

24 Sep, 2020

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