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Bell pepper woes!


By Mizzle

Ayrshire, Scotland Sco

Hello, I’m wondering if anyone can tell me what I did wrong with my bell peppers? I’ve had the following issues:
- random holes in the leaves despite slug control and organic spraying
- lots of lovely leaves and flowers but hardly any of the flowers set
- most of the ones that did set fell off when the pepper got to the size of a pea
- 4 peppers made it but they were very small, elongated and 2 had holes in them
- The photo is of a wee wormy type bug that came out of the roots this evening

The plant always looked healthy enough. I watered and fed it... Wiped off the aphids as much as I could... treated it to try and stop the aphids... took care of the greenhouse temperature...
It just seems like so much work for 2 tiny green peppers!

If anyone can give me pointers it would be much appreciated. TIA x

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What kind of bug control did you use, Mizzle? Some, like soap, are only effective if you spray them directly on the bugs. Others only work on specific insects, such as B. t., which only works on caterpillars, not leaf eating beetles or grasshoppers.
Unfortunately, the picture is too blurred for me to tell what the worm-like creature is.

25 Sep, 2020


I find woodlice eat the leaves too. the worm looks like a normal worm and nothing to worry about.
random holes in the fruit again sounds like woodlice as I have this problem too [ they are inside when I come to use the pepper. failure of fruit set is lack of pollination, did you go round with a paint brush to help or leave vents/door open to allow bees in? if not then perhaps consider doing that next year

fruit failing could also be due to lack of water, even when you water regularly the fluctuations in temperature meant that some days they used all the water and then the fruit aborted. I was finding that I had to water extra during very hot days.

25 Sep, 2020


I don't think the site you've chosen is adequate for growing peppers. Peppers need a minimum of 6 hours of full on sun per day. I see a big wall, which probably shades them much of the time. Stressed plants are very susceptible to bugs and pathogens.

25 Sep, 2020


Thank you all very much for taking the time to reply! I will take it on board for next year. It could be that peppers are just not my thing! But I’m not for giving up yet :)

25 Sep, 2020


I harvested 2 today and there were 3 small woodlice in one and only one little hole. the other looked perfect!

25 Sep, 2020


I'm growing habaneros and whooo weee! Habaneros will take you on a ride - like soaring through the clouds over Mt. Kīlauea but will bring you back again.

25 Sep, 2020


I never thought of wood lice SB... I have plenty of them too! Not really much we can do about that is there?

Funnily enough Bathgate when I grew hot peppers they did really well! But nobody In my family likes spice except me so I didn’t grow them again. Theres only so many scotch bonnets this girl can take :)

26 Sep, 2020


Funny how nothing seems to bother the hot peppers (like habaneros). Mine are growing like gangbusters, but my tomatoes? Ehh! I hope to get a couple more, but they are pretty much done. Scotch bonnets!? You are very brave, but yeh, I keep going back for more. Don't ask me why.

26 Sep, 2020

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