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moray, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone recommend these handheld fertiliser spreaders.Id like to buy a spreader instead of scattering by hand but the reviews aren’t good on some of them



I'm not impressed by them, unless I needed to cover a couple acres. They seem like a lot of extra work, then you have to store it someplace. My hand still works just fine.

28 Sep, 2020


Sorry Geradine, I haven't used any as I tend to use growmore or slow release granules.

28 Sep, 2020


I normally also spread by hand, since I am well practiced in spreading lawn food evenly that way, but many of my customers opt for the handheld spreader box, since they have a tough time avoiding blobs and voids when they spread by hand. The main trouble that I have noticed is that about 3/4 of the designs on the market are not built to keep fertilizer out of the gear box, which sooner or later breaks the internal works. You get what you pay for, and often the better handheld designs cost almost as much as the big wheeled models.

28 Sep, 2020


I didn’t buy one and my oh scattered it by hand like he always does.
Tell you what I did buy,a Flymo Electric Lawn Rake and used it for the first time yesterday.I was very impressed at the amount of moss it took out.Only thing is I was continually emptying the box.Thats the first time I’ve scarified so I was pleased with the result.I didn’t have it at a high setting as I didn’t want to go too deep to start with.

29 Sep, 2020

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