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Does anyone have some ideas on how to organise a hosta garden? I put several in last year and all have done well but they look a bit of a sprawling mass and now I want to move them so that they will look more attractive next year.
I cant add a picture of them because my 'files' are too big and i dont know how to adjust them



You need to use your camera's computer programme to resize your pics - sometimes under "manipulate" at the top of the page.
As for the hostas, they do tend to look a bit of a "sprawly mess" by this time of year - if all you have in the bed is lots of hostas, then it will look great for some of the year, and a bit tatty for some of it, wherever you move them to.

13 Sep, 2010


I wanted to add something to my response, but too late to edit! How about using other plants in with the hostas, such as other shady damp lovers like Heucheras, Geraniums? That way, you'd always have something to look at that doesn't look tatty at the same time...

13 Sep, 2010


If you have the space underplant with mind-your-own-business. Saw this tip on telly once..but was quite a large garden. I dont have the space. Stops slugs..they eat the myob and get so full they never reach the hostas. So they say.
I put up a sign saying "No Slugs Allowed"..but they cant seem to read...

16 Sep, 2010


thank you, i shall have to keep trying, cos its very frustrating not being able to put the pictures on
this is a very helpful blog, thank you everyone

22 Sep, 2010

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