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Hi I bought this Banana plant last year and put it in a large pot so I could keep it under my lean-to to ver winter. It has got lots of new plants coming up this year and I am not sure if I should repot them in separate pots now or do it next spring.




i'd do it next spring when you repot the whole plant. the roots will be dormant then and less likely to sulk on moving them.

1 Oct, 2020


Thanks seaburn would you separate the new growth? I would like to but don't want to damage the roots, presumably this must be how they reproduce .

2 Oct, 2020


when you repot it in the spring you will find the storage organ/tuber thing will have dormant buds visible. cut the tuber up using a clean sharp knife so each piece of tuber has a bud.

3 Oct, 2020

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