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By Pam24

London, United Kingdom Gb

Anyone know what this is please?




I live in the States, but it looks a lot like what I have - Rag Weed. It's a noxious & invasive weed. I would advise you to cut it down before it goes to seed or else you will never get rid of it - nor will your neighbors and the people down the street. A single plant produces thousands of seeds. They will out-compete your garden plants.

3 Oct, 2020


going by the foliage I would say it is one of the Artemisia [mugworts/wormwoods] are the leaves very fragrant/astringent? they are usually grown for their foliage effect rather than the flowers. We have a ragwort in the uk which has yellow daisy type flowers which is a native but also a weed.

3 Oct, 2020


Thank you for your advice and info

3 Oct, 2020

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