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Hi everyone. As it’s been raining and will rain for most of the weekend so I’m indulging myself and have surrounded myself with plant catalogues, am like a kid in a sweet shop! Can someone recommend a good seed supplier? Would like to sow zinnia, cosmos, nicotiana and any other colourful annuals you might recommend. Thanks



I have been doing that too and am pleased with Kings seeds, especially their Sweet Pea collections which I grew last year.

3 Oct, 2020


Thanks for that recommendation. Have just treated myself to a gorgeous autumn wreath as been nursing a broken right hand and a son who’s gone off to University who I miss terribly....🍁🍂

3 Oct, 2020


I use Chiltern seeds. They have a good selection of most annuals as well as less common plants.
Sorry to hear about your wrist. I hope it's not too painful.
Good luck to your boy in his new adventure.

3 Oct, 2020


We use Kings seeds for Vegetables. Not really grown many other things from commercial seed for a very long time. The stuff we got from Wilco's last year had extremely poor germination. Think they were Fothergills, but without getting wet I cannot be sure.
Sorry about the hand.
When our last two went off to Uni we jumped for joy at having the house to ourselves. Terrible isn't it?
I am writing Blogs on here to fill the time until the rain stops and I can get outside again. Boring everyone rigid with them no doubt.

3 Oct, 2020


Although I’m excited my son has gone off to university to become more independent, I do worry about students’ mental health in this rather confusing time. They have been taken out of their familiar environment then put in this unfamiliar, unprecedented situation. I do think young people are more resilient and more open to change but to have NO contact with anyone being on your own in your room is no laughing matter. We’ve already had one girl down his corridor drink herself silly so she had to be intubated and a boy next door overdosing on pills wether accidental or intentional we don’t know.....All classes are on-line only, food is collection take away only so no chance to meet new people. A very strange situation..... 🙄

3 Oct, 2020


Of course it is very different now than when ours went and indeed when my wife and I went (Grief, over 50 years ago now). Feel sorry for new students now. We at least got everything paid for. no loans, no debts.
Our youngest went 15 years ago or so.
Hope he manages to keep fit, healthy and eventually enjoy it.

3 Oct, 2020


before all of this students over drank/ took pills and were generally silly so don't worry too much Amsterdam. My youngest finished last year and she had a lad and a lass on her 5 room flat do just that. luckily my girl just sees over drinking a waste of money.

Chiltern and Kings have been used by me in the past.

3 Oct, 2020

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