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Hello,After the intense rain we’ve had

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After the intense rain we’ve had, some of my lavender plants are looking a little worse for wear, with some yellowing sprigs and browning leaves. I’ve brought the whole lot inside for the evening and placed them on a drying rack under a south facing skylight. I had two of my lavender plants die suddenly two weeks ago, and I want to avoid the same fate for the ones looking poorly. Any advice would be helpful. I was planning on starting their indoor acclimatization soon, so that I can bring them indoors for the winter. Many thanks!

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Yes we have had rather a lot of rain. As they are in pots, and some have suddenly died I would tip them out and check the roots for vine weevil grubs. [brown headed white grubs that look c-shaped], then repot in a free draining compost like John Innes No 3. They appear to be English lavender going by the last photo then they will be ok in a sheltered spot outside.
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5 Oct, 2020


My lavender ain't looking that great either. It's rather sparse. They do like dry arid conditions. Not like what we have here in New York, nor the UK.

5 Oct, 2020

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