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I have a very well established Passion Flower, which normally blooms really well, this year dozens of buds sadly only 3 or 4 actually flowed. The buds look to be healthy, I'm a bit disappointed, but I recently came back from a local shopping trip, and spotted 2 gardens next to each other, who also had Passion flowers with buds and no blooms. Is there a country wide problem or is it just hear in Mid Wales. Thank you in advance. Sellina



Some of the gardens I work in have Passion flower and these too have been poor this year, I have noted throughout this year many normally robust plants looking stressed and lacking vigour and in some cases death, we have gone through some very long dry spells this year and this on the back of all that heavy rain and flooding last winter, but I have seen poor flowering before and then the following years good flowering, good pruning does help.

19 Oct, 2020


My daughter has a monster one climbing up the wall in Buckinghamshire which had loads of flowers.

20 Oct, 2020

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