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Who can ID this blue flower?




it is a ceratostima . common name plumbago. there are several different species and many varities. it is one of the most intense blues.

20 Oct, 2020


Thanks Eileen. It is very intense blue. Is it perannial, invasive? Would you have this in your garden?

20 Oct, 2020


I agree with Eileen - but she missed out the letter 'g' (i.e. ceratostigma :). I used to have one - it's fully hardy Paul, perennial, not invasive. Can be cut right back in the Spring and it will thank you.

20 Oct, 2020


I have a couple of sticky keys oops. yes fully hardy and I would love to have it but it doesn't like my soil. I have tried a few times over the years but just cant get it to settle.

20 Oct, 2020


Thanks Sheila and Eileen

20 Oct, 2020


I have two varieties of hardy Plumbago. Ceratostigma willmottianum which is shrubby and Ceratostigma plumbaginoides which is quite herbaceous and can be invasive as it spreads underground in my garden. Good for summer ground cover though.

21 Oct, 2020


That's what I'm looking for a carefree summer ground cover & blue is my color. I'll look for seeds for next year.

22 Oct, 2020


Ceratostigma also has lovely bronze shades on its leaves in the autumn 🙂.

22 Oct, 2020

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