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By Nick1

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

when is the best time of year to trim back my lavender bushes??

On plant Lavandula



Needs doing twice a year - you can't cut into old wood on Lavenders, they won't tolerate it, so usual practice is to trim over after first flush of flowers is over, usually June here in London, then again in August, taking about an inch of foliage at the same time.

13 Sep, 2010


so take off the flower and an inch of the stem?

13 Sep, 2010


No, cut the FOLIAGE by an inch - that means the length of the flower stem plus some leaves at the base.

13 Sep, 2010


Apologies, just remembered that capitals means you're shouting - if only I could work out how to do bold or italics on here...

13 Sep, 2010



13 Sep, 2010


Bamboo, it's ok to shout and let out your frustrations sometimes, especially on damp rainy days! Phil J

13 Sep, 2010


Oh dear, I wasn't frustrated at all, Philjeffs, other than by my total inability to work out how to get bold and italics on here - the Word methods don't work, I've tried. I was simply trying to emphasise the word, not shout it in frustration, lol!

13 Sep, 2010

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