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cotinus leaves wilting now ( September) ?
My Cotinus now about 8 years old has grown well after being trimmed last year - about 3-4 feet this season, I decided to let it go this year for the smoke next year but about 2 weeks ago it started to wilt at the ends all the leaves folding back on the stem they are not dropping that usually hapens much later. There is plenty of water and no frosts yet it's Torquay afterall but it has me puzzled? any Ideas?



This seems a frequent problem with cotinus. I've replaced a few in recent years, and think it's verticillium wilt. There's a good bit of advice on the RHS site, with treatment and prevention notes, but neither gives a guarantee! I have tried cutting out the withered stems, and occasionally, with a feed, the plant has recovered, but often lop-sided as a result. Phil J

13 Sep, 2010

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