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Good morning all, my hydrangea is doing very well however it's getting very spraly and not getting much height. I don't know which way to prun it as I've an awful tendency to hack at things and I really want to be nice to it as it's so lovely, many thanks as always




do nothing until late spring then you just need to remove the dead flower heads. if you want to remove some of the straggly side stems then you can but the buds lower down the stems wont flower that year. not all of them get any real height mine about 3ft and that's all, others 4ft.

25 Oct, 2020


Thanks SBG I'll tidy it in Spring.

25 Oct, 2020


Hydraneas are one of the most forgiving bushes you can have. It will always come back. That being said, what type of hydrangea do you have? Some tend to sprawl, others go for height.

25 Oct, 2020

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