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I split an Agapanthus, gave my son half and kept half myself. His half has really flourished and bloomed brilliant, my half has done nothing and hasn't flowered now for 4 years. Did I give him the wrong half!!!!!!!! ? Will my half flower?



Most common reason for any plant not flowering is hunger. Try feeding yours with Tomato fertiliser when the new growth appears (or new leaves if evergreen type).

25 Oct, 2020


Second most common cause is lack of light. Even in our over-solarized climate, Agapanthus refuse to bloom without several hours of direct morning sun. In the misty, mysterious UK, I imagine they need even longer exposure to whatever sun there is, as they do in coastal Oregon.

25 Oct, 2020


I agree with Tugbrethil (as usual). It's most likely location. Now once you find the 'sweet spot', it may take another year or so to actually bloom.

25 Oct, 2020


Yet mine flower really well in a semi shaded position.

25 Oct, 2020


yes mine do too and they get sun only in the afternoons. I don't tend to do much for them, cant even remember when I last gave them a feed. They are in large pots on the pond wall that gets sun only after about 2pm in summer due to all the trees.

25 Oct, 2020


Well, the point is that it does get several hours of direct sun. You should hear the verbal gyrations that I have to go through to find out how much sun that my customers get. They seem to believe that if they can see the flower bed, there is plenty of solar energy for all plant functions, while it is really dark enough to starve a Hosta or a Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra). If Ian's Agapanthus is getting even an hour or two less direct sun than his son's, it may still be enough to keep it from blooming. And, as Owdboggy says, lack of the right nutrients will just make that more likely.

26 Oct, 2020


Lack of nutrients will also show up in other obvious ways too, such as yellowing of the leaves, stunted growth & infestations that target stressed plants. In that case, it's only a matter of time before the plant runs out of gas.

If the other half of the same plant is 'blooming brilliantly', then you know you started with a healthy plant. The biggest, most glaring factor is location. Agapanthus requires 6-8 hours of sunlight each day to thrive. They will do OK in partial sun but the UK climate is rather dicey with days and days of steady rain. Keep its position slightly elevated above grade.

26 Oct, 2020


Well thankyou all for your input. My Agapanthus sits in a large pot ,on the decking facing due south , with the nearest tree 30/40 ft away. I will concentrate on feed next season and if it still does not flower I will let my son have the second half of the plant and say nothing.
Great info from you all ,many thanks.

27 Oct, 2020


I've got two different ones, one with broad green leaves and the other is variegated with more slender leaves. The first has always sulked for at least a season after division - it's doing it now since last Autumn it split it's pot and had to be replanted, no flowers this year but the second was cut in half and my half thrived and threw out 10 flowers and my brother in law said he'd given me the wrong half as his didn't flower this year. No special treatment and they are both facing south west.

29 Oct, 2020


Sorry to doubt you, Ian! Hopefully you would forgive me, if you heard some of the silly things that I have heard from people. I suspect that most of us (including myself) live in our heads, rather than in the real world.

1 Nov, 2020


Hi tugbrethel
I have been in retail management all my life ,dealing with the general public so I have heard it all. No apologies needed, thanks for your comments.

2 Nov, 2020

How do I say thanks?

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