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Hi gardeners all! Yes, I'm still here, plodding along. Just a quick question. How do I overwinter tuberous Begonias?




I have done 2 ways in the past.
1. Leave them in their pots but let them dry out and then keep them frost free. then in the spring repot into fresh compost.

2. Take them out of the pots, checking for vine weevils and then pop into sawdust and keep frost free. then in the spring pot up in fresh compost.

26 Oct, 2020


I use SBG's method 2, but use dry compost.

My main reason for this is the blooming vine weevils lurking in the crevices, I've found not checking means no roots come the spring

27 Oct, 2020


Good point to check for vine weevils. I just clean & dry them off, wrap in newspaper and store in an old shoe box in a cool, dark & dry place - the basement or garage is ideal.

28 Oct, 2020


Thank you gardening friends for this clear advice. Much appreciated. BBB

28 Oct, 2020

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