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Plant ID's

The first plant I have for many years. It has very shiny leaves and is evergreen. Usually its dark green only. this year started to turn yellowish. Maybe over watered? It had some sun but mainly light shade.

The second photo is of a plant I got with box of annuals and never haves grown before.

Plant_id Plant1_id



The first one is from the Christmas box family I believe. I have Sarcococca ruscifolium. Named I think because the foliage is like ruscus, used in floristry. The berries on mine turn black as they age.

30 Oct, 2020


If the first plant has been in situ for many years, could it be in need of a feed? It might have used up all the Nitrogen in the soil. Don't know ID of 2nd plant but it has square stems like the Coleus / Nettle family.

30 Oct, 2020

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