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Black edges on Dicksonia antartica "Tree Fern"

Tel Aviv, Israel Il

I purchased a tree fern at "Bloom" 2007, it did terrible in its first year however slowly but surely came back in 2008. It looks healthy from a distance however on closer inspection there appears to be something attacking the fronds, leaving black edges and preventing them from fully developing, does anybody have any idea what this is and how to combat it?

Thank you for your time.

On plant Dicksonia antarctica



I have had this same blackening and curling early on in the year on the young fronds, due to frost. As you write this in August I would guess it is either wind or sun damage. Try moving it to a shady, sheltered position and water the trunk daily. This should help it get back in shape for next year.

15 Oct, 2008


sun or wind burn

15 Jun, 2009

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