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I’ve just had a delivery of loads of bulbs form Farmer Gracy

Denbighshire, United Kingdom Gb

I’ve just had a delivery of loads of bulbs from Farmer Gracy. Should I put manure/compost in the holes before I plant them?



no I wouldn't add manure but dig in a bit of compost with the soil will help them put roots down. what bulbs are they out of curiosity?

5 Nov, 2020


I ordered som bulbs fro there too ... such a wonderful selection. I would have ordered more but many were sold out. Next year I'll have to do it sooner !
I'm planting mine in pots for now and will plant them in the garden sext spring when I can see where there are spaces.

5 Nov, 2020


Agree with Eileen. No need to add soil amendments for spring bulbs - waste of money. The bulbs have everything they need. They store up energy through photosynthesis and store it down in the bulb. Just make sure they have good drainage and the soil is soft and fluffy and free of weeds and debris.

6 Nov, 2020


Many spring blooming bulbs come from areas of the world with naturally poor soil: North Africa for Daffodils, western Asia for Tulips, southern Europe for Bearded Iris, and north Africa again for "Dutch" Iris. The main reason to add compost is to open the structure of clay soils, since most bulbs need sharp drainage and good aeration. In seriously poor soil, like where I live, mature plantings of bulbs might need a little nitrogen, but in most areas, just a little bone meal and seaweed is enough to keep the flowers coming.

11 Nov, 2020


I would put some grit or sharp sand in the planting holes if your soil is heavy but nothing if you have light or free-draining soil. Might be a good idea to give them a liquid feed in the spring after flowering before they die down.

11 Nov, 2020


I would advise against using bone meal or anything that gives off odor. They'll only signal to the squirrels and voles exactly where to dig for a tasty treat. Their twitchy little noses are very keen.

11 Nov, 2020


Oops! I forgot about them, Bathgate! The little ground squirrels that we have here wouldn't know what to do with them, and the pocket gophers find them no matter what you do, but that doesn't mean that Canal Hopper wouldn't have trouble! Probably better with a little rock phosphate and K-mag.

13 Nov, 2020

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