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Birds keep gobbling up my grass seeds. Help! I'm trying to grow a new lawn in several large swaths on my property. The birds keep gobbling up my seeds as soon as I turn around. The seeds can take up to 2 weeks to sprout. They aren't cheap either. Any tips on how to prevent the birds are greatly appreciated. Thank You.



My mother used to string lengths of black thread across the lawn to make it difficult for birds to land. But it was only a little lawn...

6 Nov, 2020


Hello Bathgate, i have always used plastic netting which I stretch over the seeded area with pegs, I put the netting about four inches above the seed, the netting is the finer type, i then peg all the sides down on all the edges to stop the birds going under it, always works well.

7 Nov, 2020


I agree with both methods suggested, old cds threaded so they spin in the wind is also a good bird scarer. I know in the UK the recommendation for sowing seed is 'one for the soil, 1 to fail and 1 for the birds'.

But as you say that works out quite expensive. Will your soil still be warm enough after Zeta came through

7 Nov, 2020


Thanks all. The netting worked like a dream. Now that the grass has sprouted, the birds don't want it anymore so it's safe. Did you check out my praying mantis picture? - creepy yet interesting!

12 Nov, 2020


Excellent! Yes I enjoyed the Mantis photo - amazing little creatures!

12 Nov, 2020

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