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Are your plants confused?

I have a few plants in my garden still in flower, when they'd normally be finished by now, which I put down to it being a warm autumn. My Callistemon, however, which has flowered reliably in June for the last decade, decided to start flowering again in October. Not as fully as it does in the summer, perhaps, but it's the first time it's happened twice.

Anyone else this is happening to?




I have a climbing rose called Lady of Shalott. She is covered in blooms and almost as beautiful now as she was in early summer. I still have Nicotiana Sylvestris flowering and showing no signs of giving up. And now Osteospermums are beginning again, as are pinks and many rock plants.

So, yes the plants are confused but while they're flowering they can give us some cheer at this awful time. We need it.

10 Nov, 2020


That happened with mine last year, a few flowers in late October. I've cut it back a fair bit this year, so no sign of the same thing happening again, although I've not looked closely lately...

10 Nov, 2020


many plants do throw some flowers out in the autumn, its partly due to light levels as well as temperature being similar to that they get in the main flowering season.

10 Nov, 2020


I think one of my species gladiolus is trying to flower for the second time this year

10 Nov, 2020


My Monarda is coming up and the nasturtium is going great guns with flowers and pollinating honey bees as well. Also, my Clematis is flowering. Fascinating that our across the pond weather is running parallel.

11 Nov, 2020


yes, same here, my daffodils are poking out. The weather here is very erratic - snow last week, back to summer again today a brisk autumn day tomorrow. No wonder.

12 Nov, 2020

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