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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a super thornless blackberry bush that performs every year, can I take a cutting for my daughter to replace her failed gooseberry. .



Easiest thing to do is to layer a branch. That gives a good root system very quickly.

15 Nov, 2020


But don't condemn the gooseberry too soon. She may have over pruned it and cut off the parts that would have flowered

With the blackberry peg the end few inches down in the ground and it will root very easily. Then cut it off once its rooted. I have wild ones around here because the birds drop the seeds everywhere and the big problem is getting rid,not propagation! its rather like creeping buttercups...

15 Nov, 2020


Thanks, but can I do it today or must I wait for the weather ? And she’s already decided to give the gooseberry another chance.

16 Nov, 2020


You can do it today, sooner the better TBH.

They root easily so if you have a few long canes you could do more, never can have too many super thornless blackberries

16 Nov, 2020


I don't think a blackberry briar would be put off by the
weather Hank...

16 Nov, 2020


Thanks again all, I have a number of suitable branches. Will definitely do it today.

17 Nov, 2020

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