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Not seeing pictures.

Suddenly I am not seeing any pictures again. It happened a while ago and was found to be an ad blocker which I deleted. However, I still want to block out unwanted ads. Does anyone have any ideas, or preferably, a solution?



Some find a different browser works, I use Firefox with an ad blocker without any problems on Windows 10 desktop

21 Nov, 2020


I use the same as Grandad above without problems.

21 Nov, 2020


I also use FF with win10 and haven’t had any problem since I had it early this year. I also use Chrome which worked. Now neither of them is showing pictures. I use an ad blocker too so I’m wondering if there was an update which has turned something on or off. These days I find technology a real headache because it gets ever more complicated. I was perfectly happy with Win7 but the powers that be decided to ditch it making me go to Win10 which I don’t like.

21 Nov, 2020


Sometimes I have to go into 'settings' and restart my adblocker. I also use Firefox on my phone which works fine. On my desktop, either FF or Chrome works. If you continue to have problems, send Dave an email. Maybe it's something with your profile on the back end he can fix.

21 Nov, 2020


Thank you, Bathgate. I don’t think there’s a problem with my profile though as I can see all images on my iPad. I’m beginning to loathe IT with a vengeance as it’s always changing to something more complicated. I’m too old for all these headaches!

22 Nov, 2020

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