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Please could anyone recommend a clematis (or maybe another climber) for an east facing face? Many thanks!



My favorite one is'Ms. Bateman'. I love the huge white blooms with purple centers and when you go out into the garden at night - how they glow in the moonlight just dreamy.

20 Nov, 2020


Thanks Bathgate. I just looked it up and it says it is ‘compact’, growing up to 8’. I want something to grow along a 12’ fence. Otherwise it sounds perfect, I especially like the fact that it has white flowers, which would look lovely against the dark fence.

20 Nov, 2020


Viticella and Cirrhosa varieties are suitable for east facing walls,Canal.H.

20 Nov, 2020


I have 'Guernsey Cream' against an east-facing wall. Although websites state 6 to 8 feet, mine made 12 feet until I cut it back

20 Nov, 2020


Thank you!

21 Nov, 2020


I had thought of planting the clematis at one end of the fence, where we took out an old gate post. But I’ve had a second thought; if I plant it in the middle of the fence, I could train it left and right. So a shorter growing clematis would be OK! Why didn’t I think of that before....?

21 Nov, 2020


That's a good idea - or just get two clematis plants. Send one left and the other right.

24 Nov, 2020

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